No two words personify the CFDD experience more than education and scholarship! CFDD takes a backseat to no other professional organization when it comes to providing educational programs and scholarship opportunities for its members. CFDD has a positive and continuing educational presence at Regional and National Conferences, the NACM Credit Congress, and through its Professional Designation programs.


To support its members in their individual quests for professional education and development, CFDD offers a myriad of scholarships at the National and Chapter levels covering National Conferences, Certification Programs, school registration fees, and self-study courses. For more information on scholarships at the National level go to

Guidelines for Local Scholarships

All dues must be current.
The applicant’s prior attendance and involvement in local CFDD meetins and functions will be an important consideration.
Applicants will be asked to give an oral or written report to the members upon completion of the scholarship event.
“No Shows” to scholarship-paid seminars or conferences will be billed to the Member Company.
Scholarships are to be used for the specific event and person identified on the application.
Applications must be received sixty days prior to the event for which the scholarship is intended unless otherwise stated.
Recipients of NACM Credit Congress Scholarship Awards are required to attend the Congress CFDD Awards Luncheon held during the Credit Congress attended.
Recipients of CFDD Conference or NACM Credit Congress registration must submit proof of attendance of at least three (3) conference educational sessions.

Scholarship Application

Scholarship Chair:

Cindy Mortenson, CBF
TDIndustries, Inc